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        • China Hydraulic and Pnematic Sealing Components Association Member
        • Special Equipment (Pressure Pipe), D1/D2 Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacture License
        •  GB/T19001-2008 Quality Managerment System Accreditation•  Sino-Pec Materials Resource Market Member
        •  China Petroleum and Gas Group Net Supplier
        •  Domestic And Foreign Engineering Companies Qualify Supplier

        •  Qualified Supplier of China Chemical Group and Blue Star (Group)

        Founded in 1989, Wuxi Hushan Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is located at the beautiful scenic place- Hudai Industrial Park, Binhu District,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province with very convenient transportation and communications. The factory has excellent geological location, close to 312 State Express Way, 342 Provincial Express way and Shanhai-Nanjing High Way.The factory is the member of China Liquid and Gas Sealing Association, Packing and Still Sealing Professional Committee, also, is the member factory of China Petrochemical Spare Parts Market Resources. It covers 38000 square meters and has 150 staffs, among them, 10% are engineers and technicians. The factory is evaluated as “Five Star Enterprise” in Binghu district of Wuxi City.

        The company is a professional manufacturer of producing sealing components, pipe accessories,tower and tank accessories, pipe fittings with “Fengyuan” brand name as per international or domestic standards, with wide application in petrochemical, electic industries, light industries, nuclear powerindustries etc.


        We established long term cooperation with China Petrochemical Construction Co., Shanghai Engineering Co., Tianjing Petrochemical, Zhenghai Petrochemical, Yangtze Petrochemical and Maoming Petrochemical; products have been exported to Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, Syria etc. countries and enjoy high reputation.





        The factory has received China Special Equipment (Pressure Pipe), D1/D2 Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacture License ,passed GB/T19001-2008, served as qualified China Petroleum and Gas Group Net Supplier,Domestic and Foreign Engineering Companies Qualified Supplier, and China Chemical Group and Blue Star (Group) Qualified Supplier etc.accreditation and gained ISO9001-2000 Certificate.



        Factory has the chairman room, general manager room, the finance department, sales department, technology department, production department and purchasing department, qc, part 2, after-sale service, trade dept., archives room, gasket workshop, pressure vessel workshop, metal working shop, raw material and final products warehouse. We have complete testing equipment and instruments such as universal impact machine, hardness tester, spectrometer, the complete set the chemical composition analysis equipment, magnetic powder detector, nondestructive testing equipment, to ensure the correctness of the product material and manufacturing qualified product.

        Workshop operators all have qualification certificates , with welding ability for carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloys. Products can be fabricated as per standards and NDT requirements.

        Pressure vessel workshop mainly produces D1 / D2, pressure vessel and pressure pipe components, equipped with automatic welding machine, the manual welding machine, cutting machine, rolling, shear, and chamfering machines, bending machine, travelling crane etc. 65 sets in total .

        Metal working shop has CNC lathes, drilling machines, etc. 48 sets, with max. capabilty of machining diameter 3.5 meters.

        Gaskets workshop has metal winding machine, cutting and shaping machine, rolling machine, electric plate-shear machine etc. 25 sets with max. fabrication capabilty of diameter 3.5 meters.

        We adhere to the "customer's demand is our pursuit" business objective, supply high quality products and provide sincere services to continuously meet customers' requirements.

        We sincerely hope Chinese and foreign, new and old customers to visit us and establish long term cooperations.


        Hudai Industrial Park (South Zone), Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China


        0510- 85579482

        Fax: 0510- 85579828
        E-mail: hushan2004@163.com
        CEO Jiang Wenhua
         Company     Qualification    Product  Facility     Shop Site     Shipment     Cooperation Contact Us     中文版





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